What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get?

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What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get
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It would seem that even when it comes to blenders we are taken back to age-old discussion of whether size matters. When it comes to blenders, however, size certainly does matter and will most likely be the deciding factor in which is the best blender for you. The size of the blender bottles you will need will depend on what you need your blender to do for you.

There are different types of blenders available and each has its own set of pros and cons. Each has its benefits and accessories, and some may lack accessories. The two main types of blenders are the handheld or immersion blenders, and the countertop blenders.

Before you can decide on the size of the blender bottle you should get you need to decide on what type of blender you need. To make it easier for you we will take a look at the two main types of blenders.

Handheld or Immersion Blenders

These blenders are great and preferred by many due to their small size. If you lack space in your kitchen, then this type of blender would be the best blender choice for you. Immersion blenders are more powerful than they look and are perfect for making smoothies and milkshakes.

They are usually not great for more labor-intensive uses such as chopping, grinding or crushing ice. The versatility of these blenders is awesome, and they mostly come with a whisk attachment and jar. If you are looking for a blender that can do sauces, and blend soups while they are cooking on the stove, then an immersion blender will serve you well.

They are also handy to use while traveling as most of them will fit comfortably in your hand luggage. If you do a lot of traveling, then this type of blender would definitely be best for you.

Immersion blenders usually have one or more blender bottles or cups that are included with the blender. These cups or jars vary in size but are mostly 14-20oz single serving cups.

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Countertop Blenders

Countertop blenders are generally bulkier, and you need to have sufficient space in your kitchen to be able to invest in one of these. The upside of the countertop blender is that you can do so much more with them and in larger quantities. They are more suitable for crushing ice, chopping vegetables and making smoothies and milkshakes.

The countertop blenders have much more powerful motors than the immersion blenders and they vary between 300w and 1200w. The stronger motors allow them to do a lot more than a handheld blender.

Because they are more powerful and larger, a countertop blender is usually not a great choice to use when traveling, however, you can get single serving personal countertop blenders that are ideal for traveling.

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What Size Blender Bottle Should I Get?

So, you have chosen the type of blender that you need but you still need to decide which one is best for you depending on the size of the bottle or jar.

If you have decided to go for an immersion blender, then you are going to look at a smaller bottle with the largest being around 600ml that is included in your purchase. The upside of an immersion blender is that you can blend your smoothie in any size bottle as long as it is wide enough for the blender shaft to fit into it.

If you have decided on a countertop blender, you have a lot more options available. If you are single and looking for a blender to make your morning smoothie, then one of the smaller blend-and-go options will be the best blender choice for you.

The bottles or cups that are included with these blenders are usually between 14 and 20oz and some even offer two or more different sizes. These are perfect for single-serving portions and serve as a blending chamber and serving cup.

If you have a large family and are going to be making large quantities at a time, then you will need a bigger blender bottle or jug with a 6-cup or 1-1.2L capacity. This larger capacity bottle normally only serves as a mixing container and the finished product is served in smaller bottles or cups. Many of the countertop blenders have cups and blender bottles included in the purchase as accessories.

In conclusion, the size of the blender bottle you need will depend entirely on what you want to the blender to do for you. If you want a quick breakfast smoothie, a 14oz blender bottle or cup will work perfectly for you.

However, if you are making smoothies for the family you would need a blender bottle with a much larger capacity. Many of the best blenders have blender bottles included, however, you are able to purchase extra bottles if the need arises.

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