Immersion Blender vs. Food Processor

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Immersion Blender vs. Food Processor
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A lot of people think that there is no such difference between an immersion blender and a food processor. This is only because of their lack of knowledge because, despite a number of similarities, an immersion blender and a food processor are quite different from one another. When dealing with liquids a blender is a better option, whereas the food processor is used for more intense tasks like slicing vegetables or mixing dough.

There are a few immersion blenders which are powerful enough to perform the tasks which are actually meant for the food processor. These have stronger blades and a high-powered motor. However, it is always a better option to use the right product for the right use because desirable results are achieved easily this way.

The Immersion Blender

Are you tired of washing the extra set of dishes while cooking? With the help of an immersion blender, there is no worrying about washing the extra utensils because it reduces their use. All you need to do is submerge the immersion blender into the liquid, whether a soup or a puree.

While using an immersion blender, make sure that the blades are completely dipped in the liquid, otherwise they will splatter. Never use an immersion blender in a shallow pan because it will damage the pan and cause the soup or the puree to decorate the walls of your kitchen. It can easily deal with large quantities, with some of the blenders having immersion as long as 8 inches.

Benefits of Using an Immersion Blender

The use of immersion blenders should not be limited to commercial kitchens because they tend to bring a lot of ease to kitchen tasks. For those foodies who are unaware of the benefits of immersion blenders, the most important ones are explained below:

  • The immersion blender offers portability which is not provided by a number of kitchen appliances. It takes up limited space and is light in weight and this makes it an ideal kitchen tool to be transported easily.
  • Small in size, it can be easily stored in a shelf or fastened to a wall.
  • This blender can be immersed in any deep pot where the liquid is stored, thus, limiting the use of dishes.
  • It is a perfect tool to carry out small tasks like whisking cream. Rather than hurting your wrists, you can easily make use of the immersion blender.
  • When you work with a countertop blender or a food processor, you are dealing with multiple parts which are difficult to clean. An immersion blender is very simple and easy to clean. As the unit is waterproof, immerse it in water with mild detergent and turn on the blender. It will clean itself and you can just wipe it with a kitchen towel at the end.
  • Most immersion blenders are completely silent and no noise is produced as you use them in the kitchen.
  • Just like a standard blender, we can chop vegetables in an immersion blender as well. In order to do it correctly, you require a cylindrical container. Insert the immersion blender while covering the top with your hand and move the blender up and down with the pulse of the blade.

Food Processor

Although the motor is not as powerful as that of a countertop blender, the blades are razor sharp. This machine helps in doing a number of things efficiently and serves as a great multi-use tool. They let you deal easily with hard foods like nuts and seeds. Also, they will perform the function of chopping vegetables, saving the chef’s time tremendously.

It is not ideal to use a food processor with foods which are runny or with liquids, but some people do use it with soups. It is not recommended because the bowl of the food processor would have to be filled multiple times if the quantity is high. It should not be completely filled because the agitation will make the liquid escape the bowl, thus, dirtying your kitchen. Ideally, a food processor should be used with textured or chunky food items.

Benefits of Using a Food Processor

Cooking can be very tedious if you need to cut those vegetables and mix those spices without the use of a food processor. This machine tends to bring so much ease to the cooking process and some of the most prominent benefits have been explained below:

  • It is easy to handle and can be operated by everyone without any prior training.
  • Whether it is chopping or slicing, your hands are now free to perform other tasks as the food processor takes care of them.
  • A food processor will let you enjoy a cup of tea and some relaxation time as your hands will be free for some time.
  • The workload in the kitchen is reduced greatly as you work with a food processor because it takes care of all the tedious tasks.
  • All the time which is spent on chopping or cutting the food items can now be saved with the help of a food processor which reduces your cooking time.
  • It serves dual purposes, as you can even use it as a food mixer at times.
  • There is no need to buy the processed spices since you can now make them with the help of your food processor.
  • It comes as a replacement for a number of tools and helps in clearing out your kitchen.


While some of the functions of a food processor and an immersion blender are interchangeable, they actually serve different purposes while being used in the kitchen. Both are necessary for improving efficiency and reducing the preparation time of a number of dishes.

It is better to have both the appliances in the kitchen, but an immersion blender has a slight edge over the food processor because of its weight and size. A high-powered immersion blender can perform all the functions of a food processor, thus, eliminating its need in the kitchen.

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