How Many Ounces in a Blender Bottle: Selecting the Right Size for You

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How Many Ounces in a Blender Bottle
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A blender bottle can be a helpful tool for those looking to blend their drinks on the go. Whether you’re using it for smoothies, protein powders, or other types of drinks, a blender bottle is a perfect way to get an even consistency when you’re on the go.

A problem arises though since there are so many choices on the market. How do you know what size you need? To help out, we will be discussing how many ounces in a blender bottle is necessary for your daily routine.

What Is a Blender Bottle?

A blender bottle is a type of drinking container which includes a wire whisk and a snap-close lid. It’s used to help blend together powder or mix drinks.

While a majority of blender bottles only contain one whisk, some do include electric versions with actual blades. However, the traditional style of blender bottles includes a round metal ball that works similarly to a whisk.

How Many Ounces in a Blender Bottle?

Depending on what brand you purchase, the smallest size we’ve been able to find is a traditional 20-ounce blender bottle. While you may be able to find smaller ones, these are often not recommended because they tend to hinder the mixers ability to distribute protein powder or mix drinks evenly.

The whole point of a blender bottle is to mix ingredients, which can be done by shaking the bottle up and down. When a blender bottle is too small, so does the whisk and it loses the capacity to move around and mix the ingredients in the bottle freely. On the other hand, the standard medium size is approximately 28 ounces, while the largest we’ve found is 45 ounces.

What Size Do You Need?

Firstly, the size you need is dependent upon what you’re going to use the bottle for regularly. Each size has its positives and negatives. As such, we will give you a complete rundown of why you should and shouldn’t choose each size.

  • Extra Small

An extra small blender bottle is ideal for supplements, juices, and pre- or post-workout powders. The reason for this is that a serving size of most of these powders uses at least eight ounces of liquids. Bigger bottles would leave the liquid splashing around while mixing and also make it harder to drink quickly and efficiently.

  • Small

A small blender bottle is perfect for smoothies, frozen treats, and portable on-the-go smoothie bowls. You can conveniently store a 12 to 16 ounces serving size in these bottles without feeling like you’re going overboard. Plus, there’s enough space to enable the whisk to do its work.

  • Medium

A medium blender bottle is a right size for protein-packed shakes, supplement drinks, or larger smoothies. These bottles work perfectly for most drinks and allow you to bring enough for multiple servings throughout the day.

They’re more convenient than mason jars, as you’ll be able to use the blender ball whisk to give your drink a quick shake and get it back to the decent consistency you want to achieve.

  • Large

The last size is the 45-ounce bottle blender which we don’t recommend unless you’re looking to put multiple servings in or are trying to bulk up. The cup size is similar to a medium drink from any fast food restaurant and holds a decent amount. For standard size servings, it’s a massive portion for the average person.

Think About Your Daily Routine

Blender bottles can be used in place of standard cups, thermals, and are reusable. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly method, a blender cup is more efficient. You’ll find that they’re perfect for on-the-go drinks, as they tightly seal shut and prevent any liquid from spilling out of your cup.

This is better than portable thermals, as we’ve all been in a situation where we believe the label that the cup won’t leak and suddenly one tip and there’s liquid all over our car seat. So, if you’re consistently hitting up the gym, are a college student, or want to replace your daily coffee with a healthy alternative, a bottle blender is definitely the way to go.

What Else Can You Use Blender Bottles For?

Blender bottles are more than just a portable smoothie cup, as they can be used for basically any drinks. The drinks and ingredients you use don’t necessarily have to be healthy. The blender bottles are perfect for keeping slushies, milkshakes, and other frozen treats mixed well.

How to Choose the Right Size

First, think about what types of drinks you’ve already been drinking or your goals. If you’ve been hitting the gym, going to lectures, or even attending events, it’s best to choose a size that helps you reach your daily goals. Do remember though that blender bottles can easily be refilled with powder which you can bring on the go with you.

We’d say that larger sizes are perfect for those not wanting to waste extra time in their day to prep their next drink. The smaller ones are perfect for breakfast, snacks, and mini beverages to help them jump-start their day.

Lastly, medium-sized blender bottles provide you with enough room for protein shakes, other drinks, and frozen treats. If you’re looking for one to two snacks or a decent sized meal, the 26-ounce bottle will be sufficient.


Blender bottles come in multiple shapes and sizes. Choosing one may be a daunting task at first, but if you put some thought into it, you’ll be able to find the one that suits your needs. If anything, purchasing multiple blender bottles enables you to have choices between which size you want to use that day.

If we had to recommend just one for you, we’d have to choose the standard medium size. It’s perfect for most supplements, protein drinks, or smoothies. You won’t feel like you’re skimping out on ingredients for a replacement meal or snack and you can easily refill the cup if needed.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand how many ounces in a blender bottle is enough for your needs.

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