How Fine To Grind Coffee for K Cup Filters: A Beginner’s Guide

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how fine to grind coffee for k cup
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Keurig has become one of the most famous coffee makers, especially for those who live alone, because most models have a single-serve design.

Even better, they now have reusable K Cup filters, so you can grind your own beans and brew any coffee flavor of your choice at home.

However, like any other coffee-brewing appliance, it’s essential to know how fine to grind coffee for K Cup filters because not all grind sizes are ideal.

Let’s learn more about the reusable K Cup Filter, the grind sizes you should make and use, and how to use it properly.

The Reusable K Cup or My K Cup

Patented by Keurig, the My K Cup Universal Reusable Filter is made of premium quality and BPA-free materials.

It’s also been designed with MultiStream Technology™ to ensure complete extraction of coffee grind flavor and aroma.

It is an eco-friendly option perfect for those who want to add variety to their coffee experience, shifting to and from pods and ground coffee.

How Fine To Grind Coffee for K Cup Filters

Although you can use pre-ground coffee, the best way to enjoy the K Cup Filter and your coffee maker is to use freshly ground beans.

So, how fine should you grind your coffee beans?

When it comes to determining the right grind size, what actually matters is the type of coffee brewing machine you have.

Single-serve Keurig Coffee Makers are of the drip variety of brewers, so the grind sizes that you need to produce when using your reusable K Cup Filters are as follows:


The medium coffee grind resembles regular sand, so it isn’t too large and too small.

This characteristic allows the water to flow freely through the coffee grind, so you can extract most of its oils or flavors even if contact time is fairly low.

Also, remember that your coffee maker has tubes and other tiny parts that can get clogged with grinds, leading to functionality issues and future damages.

The medium grind size ensures the filter does its job well: not allowing any grind to pass through. 

It also won’t clog your K Cup filters, which can otherwise create holes, making your filter non-usable.

Medium Fine

Some K Cup filter users also recommend grinding your coffee beans to a medium-fine size.

Aptly named, it’s a little finer than the medium size, so it’s also a little finer than sand. Most describe its consistency to be similar to table salt.

As such, you're also assured that none of the coffee grounds escape from the filter.

It is the perfect grind if you prefer a stronger cup of coffee than what a medium grind produces.

You can also opt for this grind if you still don’t have a coffee grinder and currently grind coffee beans in a blender or food processor.

Fine (With Precaution)

A little finer than the previous grind size, you can opt for this if you prefer a higher caffeine dose.

However, you would need to add an extra layer of protection: placing a disposable K Cup Filter in the reusable K Cup Filter.

learn how fine to grind coffee for k cup

Tips When Using the K Cup Filter

Apart from knowing how fine to grind coffee for K Cup Filters, there are other things you need to do to ensure you don’t make the filter non-usable after a few uses.

Like any other kitchen appliance or tool, the best way to make the most of it is to use and maintain it properly.

Below are some expert-recommended tips that you need to keep in mind.

Be Mindful of the Filter’s Capacity

Ensuring that you fill your K Cup Filter with the right amount of coffee grind will benefit both the filter and your coffee maker.

That said, the filter has a maximum capacity of about 17 grams, allowing you to brew up to 16 ounces of coffee.

Don’t worry, though, since you don’t need to measure your coffee grind each time you brew because the filter has engraved “fill” lines to guide you.

One is for making coffee that can fill your regular mug, while the other can fill your standard travel mug.

Wash the Filter Regularly

It goes without saying that you need to wash your K Cup Filter after every use.

You must also deep clean it at least once a week.

Here are three recommended ways to clean your filter:

  • Quick Rinse Technique

We understand that most of you probably leave the filter with the used coffee grind in it right after you brew your coffee because of the morning rush.

The problem is, leaving the grind far too long in the filter can clog it and leave behind odors and residue that can affect your next brewed coffee’s flavor and aroma.

If you’re in a rush, the best thing to do is dump out the used grounds in your trashcan by gentle tapping.

Then, hold the filter upside down under your faucet and rinse with running water while gently tapping it to dislodge any particles.

Once free of coffee particles, leave it to air dry.

  • In the Dishwasher

The great thing about the reusable K Cup Filter is you can place it inside a top-rack dishwasher. Plus, the lid is removable.

Hence, once you arrive home, make sure you give the filter you rinsed earlier a good clean.

Remove the lid and check if there are any stuck coffee grounds. Suppose there are, give it a good rinse.

Next, place the dishwasher-safe parts in the dishwasher and let it do its job.

Allow it to dry completely, re-assemble, close the lid, and place it back in the coffee maker.

  • Using a Diluted Vinegar Solution

If you don’t have a top-rack dishwasher, most experts recommend that you wash your K Cup Filter manually with a diluted vinegar solution.

You can also do this every week, even if you wash the filter in your dishwasher regularly.

What you need to do is place one part of white vinegar and two parts of water in a basin.

If your filter has coffee grinds, dump them out and rinse the filter as discussed above.

Then, place the rinsed filter in the diluted vinegar solution and soak for up to 30 minutes.

Once done, remove it from the solution and rinse with warm water.

Allow it to dry completely, close the lid, and place it back in the coffee maker.

Don’t Forget the Lid!

Properly closing the filter’s lid will prevent spillage while brewing, which comes with several benefits.

One, you won’t end up with a dirty coffee maker. Another is you’ll have a coffee completely free of grounds.

Lastly, you won’t end up with a very messy filter that would otherwise require more time and effort to clean.

The Perfect Grind for Your K Cup Filter

Using the right grind size for your reusable K Cup Filter, or any filter for that matter will ensure you maintain its quality for a long-time.

After all, the main reason you opted for a reusable one is to save you money and time from regularly buying filters.

Medium and medium-fine grind are the top choices for your My K Cup Universal Reusable Filter and Keurig or any single-serve coffee makers it’s compatible with.

These grind sizes will protect both your machine and filter from clogs, but you also have to ensure you clean and use the filter properly.

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