Deciding Between The Best Blender Brands

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Deciding Between The Best Blender Brands
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Nowadays, we are lucky to live in a period where more and more people are choosing to eat healthier and therefore make better decisions when it comes to eating and drinking. Many people are crazy about home blenders as they are very simple to use, and produce fresh, tasty and nutritious drinks in just a few minutes, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Blenders have quickly become a mandatory element of the kitchen, whereas in the past they were used less often. If you don’t have one yet, and are interested in purchasing one, then you need to find out the best brands to buy from, and luckily, we have got you covered!

In this article we explore all of the top blender brands out there, to give you a better idea of the best manufacturers and let you have a chance to discover who you prefer. We have carried out this research to make sure we find the most up-to-date brands which are popular in 2018.

Best blender brands of 2018


Vitamix is known as one of the most popular blender brands in current times. It was founded way back in 1921 and is still going strong today. It has a variety of different products which have constantly performed well and always include innovative technology in order to provide the best results for domestic customers.

The majority of their products feature sturdy materials which really enhances the durability and strength of the blending, meaning you can certainly rely on your machine lasting for a good while. Some machines even feature energy saving motors which regulate speed and optimize stainless steel blades to enhance the overall usability of the machines.

The best thing about Vitamix blenders is their ability to blend many different ingredients. You can trust that your blender will be able to make nutritious smoothies, grind coffee beans, and heat hot soup!

The only downside to Vitamix blenders is their price as they tend to be more expensive than their competition. This means for those who are shopping on a budget, it may not be the best option to go for. However, they are worth the investment in the long run, and worth saving up for as they will last a good while. Vitamix even offers a seven-year warranty on all their appliances, which always gives you time to change your mind.


Breville is the second most popular brand featured on our list. It is an Australian brand that was established in 1932, originally manufacturing toasters to eventually designing other electrical appliances including the classic blender.

All Breville’s products are designed with the customer in mind, and certainly perform well. Their blenders are versatile, and conform to modern technology. In 2012 one of their blenders, the Breville BBL 605 BS XL was even voted the best blender of the year, so they definitely provide good quality that is recognized all around the world.


The next best blender brand on our list is Ninja. Ninja has been extremely popular in the past few years due to their products which are suited to those on the go. The best thing is that their household blenders aren’t as expensive as other big brands, yet they still seem to provide the same level of job as other blenders do.

Ninja prides themselves on producing the highest quality for a cheaper price, and for this they have succeeded in the market, being preferred by many buyers. Their blenders are mostly made of plastic in comparison to the sturdier materials used in other brands, and this is perhaps why they are less costly. Nevertheless, their blenders still perform to an extremely high standard and they are suited to those on the go as they are easily portable.


The penultimate blender brand on our list is Blendtec. This brand is a strong competitor of Vitamix as they only specialize in blenders and nothing else. It is also a US brand and has been manufacturing a range of highly sought after blenders for a number of years.

It is popularly known for innovation and embracing new technologies. This is seen in their high-tech blenders which are sleek and attractive, and designed with strong materials such as steel. Their aim is to provide people with a healthier lifestyle by providing the best possible blenders to achieve this.

The majority of Blentec’s blenders are multipurpose, meaning that they can produce a range of different drinks from hot drinks to frozen treats. Their most famous blender is the Blentec Classic 625.

Blendtec also offer a good warranty period of eight years, which is without a doubt the longest of most manufacturers. This means the customer can be confident if something goes wrong that they will be compensated.


The final brand on our list is KitchenAid. This is another American company which has been around since 1919, and has survived by constantly improving and re-engineering their products. KitchenAid is actually known as being one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturers in the entire world, and their blenders are no exception.

Their blenders feature quality craftsmanship and are designed to last. They also come in a variety of different colors for the consumers to choose from. The best feature of their blenders is their Intelli-speed motor control which automatically adjusts the blade’s speed to blend a wide variety of ingredients with ease.

And there you have it! Six of the best household brands of blenders. Finding a new blender is not such a difficult task. It does pay to do a little research beforehand, in order to find one which is best suited.

We hope that this article has given you a better idea about who is out there and where you can start to have a look for your new blender. We believe all of these brands offer something unique, and you are sure to find something to suit you and your budget no matter which brand you choose.

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