Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review

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cuisinart coffee grinder review
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Quick Overview





  • Ideal for beginners
  • Effortless to operate
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Fits in most cabinets
  • Perfect for home use


  • Loud
  • Plastic parts are not that durable

Grinding your own beans is a huge step up from brewing pre-ground coffee.

If you do it this way, you’ll have much better flavor extraction to achieve the perfect brew every time.

To do this, you’ll need a reliable coffee grinder, which, sadly, almost always comes with a high price tag.

That’s where this Cuisinart coffee grinder review comes in.

Here, we’ll talk about the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill, a must-have coffee grinder that is surprisingly budget-friendly.

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review

If you’ve been around long enough, then you’ve definitely come across a Cuisinart appliance at least once.

Due to the brand’s popularity, a lot of the unapprised assume that all Cuisinart products sell for hundreds of bucks.

That is the myth that the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is here to debunk.

What we like the most about this unit is that it offers excellent features despite its way lower price.

Could this be worthy enough to land a spot in your coffee corner? Let’s see.

Who Is This Product For?

Those new to the art of coffee-making will find this coffee grinder incredibly useful.

In fact, even those who have some experience brewing their own coffee won’t be disappointed with its many features.

As its (really long) name suggests, it grinds coffee beans using a burr mill instead of a blade.

In turn, this makes the entire coffee-grinding process almost effortless to do.

Moreover, if you are on a budget, you’d be thrilled to know that it doesn’t cost as ridiculously expensive as other higher-end units.

Its smaller and more compact body means you can easily find a place for it on your countertop.

What’s Included?

For easy cleaning, the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill comes with detachable parts.

The package includes an alloy steel body, a plastic bean hopper, a plastic grounds bin, and a scoop with a brush end.

The bean hopper can hold up to eight ounces of coffee beans.

On the other hand, the grounds container is large enough to hold enough coffee grounds for 32 cups.

Overview of the Features

If there’s one thing that makes this burr mill stand out, it’s the fact that it’s designed specifically for beginners.

Unlike other coffee grinders, it is small and compact, and not at all complicated to operate.

To know if this coffee grinder meets all your requirements, let’s take a look at its best features:

  • Compact Body with Elegant Finish

With the hopper attached, this coffee grinder measures six by 7.13 by 10.75 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds.

Its compact size makes it easy to store away in a cabinet.

Since it won’t take up too much of your limited counter space, you can also just display it alongside your other kitchen appliances.

It also has a brushed stainless-steel finish, making it effortless to keep clean.

  • Convenient Cord Storage

At the bottom of the unit is a convenient storage solution that holds the cord.

With this, you can keep your countertop looking neat and organized.

  • Ceramic Block Burrs

Perhaps the reason why the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is not as expensive as the others is because of its ceramic block burrs.

Compared to stainless-steel conical or flat burrs, you might notice that it generates somewhat inconsistent grinds.

Even so, it’s still a much better choice than blade grinders.

It works by relying on tiny knobs to grind coffee beans. As a result, it will produce more fines while being a lot noisier than costlier models.

  • Heavy-Duty Motor

The manual doesn’t indicate just how powerful the motor is in this coffee grinder.

However, what you can be sure of is that it can handle heavy-duty use.

Again, there’s no doubt you will hear just how hard this motor is working because the machine operates rather loudly.

  • Safety Feature

The DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is designed with a safety feature to prevent you from accidentally making a mess.

Basically, the motor won’t start running if both the bean hopper and the grounds container are not locked in place.

  • 18 Grind Settings with Automatic Stop

From fine to coarse, you will have a total of 18 grind size adjustments to choose from.

Use it to prepare coarse grounds for your French press or set it to the finest setting for espresso.

Obviously, it won’t be at the same level of quality as espresso you get from your local café because they use a specialized machine for that.

You can, however, try to make it better by using a pressurized portafilter.

Once the grinder is finished processing the beans according to your chosen settings, it will stop automatically.

  • BPA-Free Hopper and Grounds Container

Both the bean hopper and the grounds bin are made of BPA-free plastic. What’s more, these are removable for easy cleaning and hand-washing.

You can put them in the dishwasher but make sure you do so only on the top rack.

Do not attempt to wash these in the dishwasher’s bottom shelf nor use harsh chemicals when cleaning them.

Not only will doing so damage the surface, but it could also leave a residue that might affect the flavor of your coffee.

  • 18-Month Warranty

For your peace of mind, this automatic burr mill comes with an 18-month warranty to protect your purchase.

Then again, with how affordable it is, it might be better to invest in a new unit than to buy replacement parts.

How To Get the Most Out of the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder

After learning its features, it would help to know how you can get the most out of this coffee grinder.

Is it really something you need, or can you get away with using a food processor or a blender to grind your coffee beans?

All in all, the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill has six settings for every grind type.

With these many adjustments, you should be able to experiment on different settings to find which grind size you prefer the most.

As mentioned, the grounds bin can hold enough coffee grounds for up to 32 cups, so anyone in the family can have their share.

At medium grind, you will only have to wait 55 seconds for 18 cups and 40 seconds for 12 cups.

You can learn more about this coffee grinder in this manual.


If, after reading this Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review, you’re still not sold, here’s an alternative for you.

You can get the same number of grind size settings for a lower price if you buy the Boly Adjustable Burr Mill instead.

Plus, it uses a stainless-steel burr grinder instead of ceramic.

Keeping this machine clean is easy, too, as you can remove the burr mill, the grounds container, and the bean chamber.

It even comes with a small brush you can use to dislodge grounds from the machine’s nooks and crannies.

The only setback would be the fact that it does not come from a world-renowned brand like Cuisinart.

Is the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Any Good?

For someone new to the art of coffee-making, the DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill is an excellent entry-level coffee grinder.

It doesn’t break the bank, and it does all the basics you expect from a coffee grinder for home use.

Besides being beginner-friendly, it’s a significant upgrade if you’re currently using a blade grinder or, worse, a food processor to grind your beans.

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