Best Commercial Coffee Grinder of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Coffee Grinder Reviews

best commercial coffee grinder
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Do you dream of having a small café serving the best espresso drinks in town?

If so, you have to start looking for the best commercial coffee grinder because it is where it all starts.

A high-quality coffee grinder will ensure you achieve the best grounds consistency needed for different coffee drinks.

To help you out, we hand-picked five impressive units to show you how these coffee grinders can elevate your experience.

Comparison Chart

Ariete Conical Burr Electric Coffee Grinder

Huanyu Electric Coffee Grinder

Mueller Ultra-Grind Conical Burr Grinder 

Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Burr Grinder

Espressione Professional Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder Reviews

1. Ariete Professional Electric Coffee Grinder

Ariete by DeLonghi started manufacturing small appliances in 1964 in Tuscany, Italy.

Since then, it has conquered the world as one of the most well-known brands that offer quality products for coffee-making.

One of its latest innovations is this professional-grade coffee grinder, made of high-quality materials and has an impressive design.


The Ariete coffee grinder is perfect for those who can’t resist a strong cup of freshly-brewed coffee to start their day.

  • Coffee Grinder Design

The body of the Ariete coffee grinder is made of premium-quality plastic, while the heavy-duty conical burr disc is durable stainless steel.

It has an excellent build quality with the right weight, giving it a solid and sturdy feel.

The sleek design of the coffee grinder does not require too much space on your kitchen counter, measuring 14 inches high, nine inches deep, and five inches wide.

  • 15 Grind Settings

The machine allows you to choose from 15 grind settings from fine to coarse, depending on where you need the coffee grounds.

Whatever settings you choose, you will get a uniform ground coffee based on your customized size setting.

Here are the grind setting options for easy reference:

  • 1-2 is for extra fine grind perfect for Turkish coffee
  • 3-4 is the fine grind setting for espresso
  • 5-6 is for pour-over brews with its medium-fine grind
  • 7-8 is the medium grind for steam espresso and drip coffee
  • 9-10 is the medium-coarse grind for Chemex
  • 11-12 is the coarse grind for percolator and French press
  • 13-15 is the extra-coarse grind for cowboy and cold brew coffee
  • Large-Capacity Canisters

The bean hopper has a large capacity and can hold coffee beans for up to 378 grams.

It also has a tight-sealing lid, allowing you to use it as storage for your coffee beans.

You can remove the bean hopper from the machine with the coffee beans inside and store it inside a cool and dry cupboard, keeping them fresh longer.

The grounds container can hold up to 194 grams. It is made of durable transparent plastic with a tight-sealing lid similar to the bean hopper.

  • Easy Controls

As mentioned, you can customize the size of the coffee grounds through the thickness control dial on the side of the machine.

The timer dial on top of the grounds coffee container allows you to set the number of coffee cups you need to grind at the time.

Also, the start and stop button is the black circle on the center of the timer dial, making it easy to operate.

You will find the right time settings and other helpful instructions in the user’s manual included in the box upon purchase.


  • Multiple grind setting options
  • Stainless-steel conical burr
  • Removable parts
  • Sleek and compact
  • Easy to clean


  • Coffee beans get stuck
  • Chute retains some coffee grounds

2. Huanyu Professional Electric Coffee Grinder

Huanyu High Tech Co. Ltd. is a Chinese electrical and electronics manufacturing company founded in 1989.

This professional coffee grinder with an impressive one-liter grinding capacity is one of the brand’s most remarkable creations.


The Huanyu coffee grinder uses a flat burr with adjustable grind settings, allowing you to easily achieve the grind size you prefer.

  • Multiple Grinding Adjustments

This espresso grinding machine has a precision adjustment plate with 19 position levels.

You can make different coffee ground sizes by adjusting the ground thickness depending on the coffee brewing style you will use.

  • Large Capacity

Though both containers have a large holding capacity, we don’t recommend filling them up to the brim.

The bean funnel has a one-kilogram holding capacity, but it is best to fill it up to a maximum of 700 grams for a better grinding quality.

Likewise, the receiving container has a 22-ounce maximum capacity but should be filled only up to 500 grams or 18 ounces.

One full container can make around 36 cups, enough to serve several customers their favorite drink.

Both canisters are removable for easy cleaning.

  • Flat Burr Grinding

Coffee connoisseurs claim it is easier to level and calibrate a flat burr than a conical one because of its accurate adjustment dial.

You can expect to experience efficient grinding with this machine’s stainless-steel flat burr.

It boasts a diameter of 60 millimeters, allowing it to do cryogenic grinding.

The coffee grounds come in flakes with a fine texture, with a concentrated flavor and aroma.

With a powerful 200-watt motor, there’s no doubt that this professional coffee grinder delivers high grinding efficiency.

In fact, it has an output speed of 0.7 ounces per second.

That said, the manufacturer suggests that you let the machine run at a maximum of 15 minutes per session.

  • Durable and Sleek Design

The bean funnel and the receiving canister are both made of food-grade transparent plastic material.

In addition, the body of the coffee grinder is made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring the stability and sturdiness of the machine.

You will find a spare fuse underneath, which allows you to replace it immediately if the circuit overloads.

The stylish Huanyu coffee grinder is available in two colors: black and red. Thanks to this, you can easily choose the style that matches your kitchen.

Your purchase will also include a cleaning brush so that you can remove any coffee grounds left on the chute.

  • After-Sales Service

The manufacturer offers quality warranty service for a year, damaged parts replacement, and a lifetime after-sales service for free.


  • Low noise
  • Compact size
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to clean
  • Transparent containers


  • Retains some coffee grounds
  • Expensive

3. Mueller Ultra-Grind Professional Coffee Grinder

Mueller aims to improve the lives of its customers by delivering superior products and sharing its success with non-profits.


The Mueller Ultra-Grind Professional Coffee Grinder is made using the highest-quality materials.

As such, there’s no reason why it can’t handle the heavy-duty demands of a small café.

  • Conical Burr

The conical burr of this coffee grinder is made from 40 millimeters of hardened alloy steel, providing you with a uniform grinding size for full coffee flavor.

This conical burr material, typically found on expensive commercial coffee grinders, ensures a long service life.

  • User-Friendly Design

Cleaning the machine after your grinding session is effortless through the help of the embedded cleaning brush on the removable top burr.

This coffee grinder is an easy-to-use machine that employs a single on and off button.

In addition, its innovative design allows the coffee grounds to drop straight into the canister.

  • Large Capacity

The coffee bean container and the removable coffee grounds canister allow you to make 30 to 32 cups of your favorite coffee drink.

  • Precision Grinding

The coffee grinder is equipped with a gear reduction motor, performing slow and precise grinding with reduced noise.

This precise grinding performance produces coffee grounds with a rich aroma and a full-bodied flavor for the best-tasting cup of joe.

You can choose your coffee grounds size from fine to medium to coarse by adjusting the control knob.

It comes with multiple grinding size options with micro-adjustments in-between each setting, providing you with a wide range of selections.

Whatever coffee drink you prefer, the Mueller coffee grinder can match your brewing style.

  • Coffee Grind Variations

The Mueller coffee grinder offers five different grind size variations, matching specific brewing methods.

The powdered espresso grounds option comes out finer than table salt and has a similar texture to pre-ground coffee.

This coffee ground variety is typically used for espresso machines and Moka pots.

The medium-fine grind has a table salt-like texture commonly used for Aeropress and pour-out coffee drippers.

Medium grounds have the same consistency as sand and are commonly used for machine drips and siphon brewers.

The medium-coarse grind size looks like rough sand, which is in-between medium and coarse texture.

It is the typical grind size choice for the Chemex brewing method.

Lastly, the coarse grind size looks like the coarse sea salt used for Percolators and French press.


  • Comes with a portafilter bracket
  • Removable parts
  • Solidly built
  • Uniform coffee grounds
  • Easy to use


  • Burr gets clogged with grounds
  • Can tricky to master

4. Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Infinity Plus Coffee Grinder from Capresso is one of the brand’s best sellers.

Whatever brewing style you prefer, this machine has got you covered.


So, what makes the Capresso Infinity Plus Commercial Coffee Grinder a crowd favorite?

Here’s what you’d get from this reliable machine:

  • Reliable Burr and Low-Speed Motor

This machine comes with high-quality, precise burrs powered by a quiet low-speed motor.

The conical stainless-steel burrs, measuring 40 millimeters, rotate at 450 RPM as powered by a motor with multiple gears.

This low-speed rotation of the burrs minimizes friction-generated heat, preventing the beans from extracting oil prematurely.

  • Bean Hopper and Grounds Bin

The machine provides additional safety measures through the auto-lock feature.

It activates when the bean hopper is not positioned and locked in place.

Speaking of the bean hopper, this part and the coffee grounds bin are both made of transparent plastic.

The hopper can hold 11 ounces of coffee beans, while the grounds bin can hold up to four ounces.

The overall classic and straightforward design, made of heavy-duty ABS plastic material, is available in either black or stainless steel finish.

  • Storage and Ease of Cleaning

The machine is compact and lightweight, measuring 6.7 by 13.7 by 9.1 inches and weighing four pounds.

Like other burr grinders, you can remove the top part for easier cleaning after every grinding session.

The Capresso Infinity Plus comes with a cleaning brush and a measuring scoop.

  • User-Friendly Design

Using this entry-level coffee grinder is relatively straightforward.

More than anything, you will like that it comes with a timer dial that you can program from five to 60 seconds.

You can stop the grinder prematurely by moving the hopper counter-clockwise until the indicator is out of range from the grind size markings.

However, be careful not to unlock the hopper entirely, as it may spill the remaining beans all over your countertop.

Allow the coffee grinder to rest for a couple of minutes in-between grinding cycles for the burrs and motor to cold down.

  • Impressive Grinding Consistency

Most coffee enthusiasts would agree that a burr grinder is better than a blade grinder in terms of coffee grounds consistency.

Because the Capresso Infinity Plus uses burrs, you can be sure of its consistency.

It also offers the versatility to grind in different sizes.

All in all, it has four grind categories with four micro settings in-between, giving you a total of 16 grind settings.

For extra fine, you will get the finest grinds suitable for a pressurized portafilter or Turkish coffee.

On the other hand, choosing the coarsest setting would produce coffee grounds perfect for French press or Percolator brewing.


  • Low motor noise
  • Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple grinding options
  • Less static


  • Some coffee grounds remain in the chute
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5. Espressione Professional Coffee Grinder

The Espressione Professional Coffee Grinder boasts a robust grinding mechanism and a precision-controlled design.


This commercial coffee grinder from Espressione comes with a large-capacity hopper and multiple levels of grinding options.

As such, you can use it for preparing different kinds of coffee for a wide range of customers.

  • Removable Coffee Bins

The bean and grounds containers both come in durable and transparent ABS plastic material.

You can fill the bean hopper with 8.5 ounces of whole coffee beans, while the receiving canister can accommodate up to four ounces of coffee grounds.

Both the bean hopper and coffee grounds containers are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Conical Burrs

The machine uses commercial-grade conical grinding burrs to ensure excellent coffee grounds with rich aroma and flavor.

Through the advanced design of the conical burr, the friction and heat are reduced, which helps preserve the quality of your coffee.

  • Grinding Motor

This coffee grinder’s stylish and compact design sports a powerful 150-watt motor.

With this, you can rely on the machine to produce consistent results quickly.

  • 15 Grind Settings

To accommodate different brewing styles, this coffee grinder has 15 grind adjustment levels.

Use the rotary knob to adjust the volume of coffee grounds the machine produces at a time, from two to 10 cups.

For hands-free operation, the machine has an electronic timer and auto-stop function.

  • Overall Design

The Espressione coffee grinder boasts a sturdy construction made from durable ABS plastic.

It is available in a black or silver housing with a slip-resistant base, ensuring stability while in operation.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about messy cords, as it features a power cord winding function.

This stylish coffee grinder measures 5.9 by 6.3 by 10.9 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds.

As you can imagine, it will not take too much real estate on your kitchen countertop.


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Consistent grind size
  • Multiple grind settings
  • Auto-stop feature


  • Has static
  • Hard to clean leftover coffee grounds

Which Coffee Grinder Is Best for Commercial Use?

Some are good with using their blender-food processor combos for grinding coffee beans.

However, if you need a machine for your cafe, you must look for the best commercial coffee grinder in the market.

That said, we recommend the Huanyu Professional Electric Coffee Grinder and its solid and heavy-duty construction.

While it has a higher price than others, its performance is well worth every penny.

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