Best Coffee Grinder of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Coffee Grinder Reviews

best coffee grinder
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For some, grinding coffee beans using a blender or a food processor yields good enough results.

However, you can’t deny the consistency and uniformity offered by the best coffee grinder.

With a high-quality one, you can enjoy your favorite brew at home.

The key is finding the model you can rely on to give you the results you’re looking for.

Comparison Chart

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

Victoria Manual High Hopper Grain Grinder

Best Coffee Grinder Reviews

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

One of the cheapest coffee grinders in the market, the Cuisinart DBM-8 is an excellent pick for newbies and those on a tight budget.

This device uses a burr mill instead of blades, which results in a consistent grind quality.

Product Highlights

Often, a cheaper coffee grinder means lower-quality grounds, but the Cuisinart DBM-8 begs to differ.

Here’s what this budget-friendly coffee grinder has to offer:

  • Burr Grinding

The Cuisinart DBM-8 works by crushing coffee beans between a moving grinder wheel and a non-moving surface.

That said, it’s worth noting that it uses ceramic block burrs.

Although not as efficient as stainless-steel flat or conical burrs, these are much better than using a blade grinder.

Furthermore, the Cuisinart DBM-8 boasts 18 grinding levels, from ultra-fine to extra-coarse.

  • Stylish Design

The Cuisinart DBM-8 has an elegant brushed stainless-steel finish, which means it will fit in well with your modern kitchen appliances.

A separate one-touch power bar makes the entire process almost effortless.

You’ll also love the addition of an electric timer, which automatically shuts down the machine once the grinding cycle is complete.

  • Eight-Ounce Hopper

The removable hopper can hold up to eight ounces of coffee beans at a time.

So, if you like grinding coffee beans in batches, this Cuisinart burr mill makes a fine choice.

We still recommend grinding beans only when you’re ready to brew them, though.

  • 32-Cup Grounds Container

The grounds container is big enough to hold up enough grounds for 32 cups of coffee.

It would be best to transfer and store the ground coffee in a separate airtight container to preserve its freshness.

If that proves to be too much, you can adjust the volume of coffee grounds you want to produce via the slide dial.

What We Like

There are many things to love about this product, but its affordable price tops the list.

It’s also easy to appreciate its overall aesthetic design, especially if you have a modern kitchen.

Even if you decide to move it from one spot to the next, doing so is easy because it only weighs 4.5 pounds.

Plus, it measures six inches in length and 10.75 inches in height, making it ideal for those with limited counter space.

Lastly, both the hopper and the grounds chamber are removable for easy washing.

The package also comes with a cleaning brush attached to the spoon to help keep the grinder clean.

What We Don’t Like

One thing you’d probably find annoying is the fact that it’s noisy.

While noise is a common issue among electric grinders, higher-end models have options to reduce noise by lowering the cycling speed.

Also, the bean hopper and the grounds chamber aren’t airtight, so you can’t use them for storing your grounds.

Another problem is the buildup of static electricity, which makes the grounds cling to the sides of the container.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 32-cup capacity
  • Looks sleek and modern
  • Ideal for home use


  • Noisy
  • Static cling

2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza is an American company that has been manufacturing grinders for home and commercial use since 1999.

As such, it’s no surprise that the brand offers quality products you can rely on to last for many years.

One of these is the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder.

You’ll love it for its high-quality build, superior motor and gear system, and the consistency of the grounds.

Product Highlights

The Baratza Encore is a premium, entry-level grinder and is also one of the most popular among coffee lovers.

Having been in the market since 2012, it continues to be the best choice for many coffee enthusiasts.

  • Timeless Design

The Baratza Encore’s design is timeless. Despite the plastic body, it has a sleek, black finish that looks appealing.

The unit weighs only seven pounds and measures 4.7 by 6.3 by 13.8 inches, so it’ll fit nicely on top of a small kitchen counter.

  • Durable Build

As expected from a product in the high-end price range, the Baratza Encore really shines in terms of durability.

The gears in this coffee grinder are made from 15 percent glass-filled thermoplastic, which is highly durable and long-lasting.

  • Conical Burr Grinding

The Baratza Encore is a conical burr grinder that crushes coffee beans vertically.

A conical burr has a ring and cone-shaped components that fit perfectly while allowing coffee particles to pass through.

With this grinding style, the Encore makes a suitable choice for grinding most kinds of regular coffee grounds.

You can use it to prepare grounds for pour-over, AeroPress, French Press, and stovetop espresso.

It can also produce an extra-coarse grind required for a cold brew.

  • 40-Grind Settings

The Baratza Encore boasts 40mm commercial-grade stainless conical burrs.

These burrs allow you to achieve different grind sizes for various coffee brewing methods.

The burrs rotate at a steady speed of 550 RPM, which is just the right speed to reduce heat, static, and noise.

To adjust the grind size, simply twist the hopper. There are 40 granulated markings around it for your guide.

For its size, it can grind enough beans for 10 cups of coffee at once.

What We Like

The Baratza Encore is very user-friendly, as it doesn’t have all the nifty features that higher-end machines have.

Instead, it has a simple on/off switch that makes it easy to grind fresh coffee beans.

On top of this coffee grinder’s amazing features, you also get Baratza’s outstanding customer service and support.

If you have a problem with your unit, they will fix it.

Baratza grinders are designed in a way that if any of the parts or gears break, they can easily be repaired or replaced.

What We Don’t Like

Baratza coffee grinders are known for their super-consistent grinds.

However, we noticed that at the coarse-grind spectrum, the grounds tend to be inconsistent in size.

Some particles are way too big, even for a French Press.

Lastly, the Baratza Encore isn’t suitable for espresso, as it wouldn’t produce fine enough grounds for it.


  • Durable body
  • Ample settings
  • Reliable conical burr system
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not ideal for espresso
  • Inconsistent extra-coarse grind

3. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a portable grinder you can use for traveling or in the office, this unit from Hamilton is a great choice.

It has a very sleek and portable body that looks more like a tumbler.

Even better, it only weighs a little more than a pound, so you can tuck it into your bag or the side pocket of your backpack.

Product Highlights

So, what makes the Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder stand out from the rest?

Apart from its significantly more compact company, here’s what you’d get from this coffee grinder:

  • Quiet Operation

This Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is quieter than most electric coffee grinders.

As such, it’s perfect for preparing fresh coffee grounds in the morning for everyone in the household to enjoy.

  • User-Friendly

This grinder comes with a removable grinding chamber.

It not only makes cleaning more manageable but also makes it convenient to fill it up with coffee beans.

Despite its small size, it’s big enough to produce ground coffee for brewing 12 cups at a time.

  • Hidden Cord Storage

This grinder comes with a hideaway cord compartment at the bottom, so it doesn’t get in the way when not in use.

To unroll the cord from the holder, all you need to do is grab the bottom unit and pull it down.

A gray piece will slide down about an inch to allow you to unroll the cord from the holder.

  • Versatile Use

This Hamilton Beach coffee grinder has durable stainless-steel blades you can use to grind not just coffee but spices as well.

What We Like

This little grinder makes a handy tool when you’re traveling but still want to prepare your own fresh coffee grounds.

It’s also an excellent addition to an office breakroom, as it works quietly enough not to disturb your co-workers.

Since it’s a pretty basic grinder, all you need to do is press the “Start” button to convert coffee beans into fine grounds.

Lastly, the Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is super inexpensive. If you’re looking for something cheap and basic, you should check it out.

What We Don’t Like

This grinder uses blades instead of burrs, so expect it to produce grinds that are inconsistent in shape and size.

Also, while you can use it for spices and herbs, we don’t advise doing so regularly.

If you do, the smell can stick to the chamber and affect the quality of your coffee grounds.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable and compact
  • Less noisy
  • Hideaway cord storage


  • Inconsistent grind quality

4. Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

The Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder boasts a powerful motor and durable blades.

As such, it’s great for processing not only coffee beans but also spices, nuts, corn, and other dried foods.

Product Highlights

Like the Hamilton Beach grinder, this is a blade coffee grinder that you can take with you anywhere.

It also doesn’t break the bank, so it’s perfect for beginners in the art of coffee-making.

  • Small Capacity

Are you specifically looking for a small-capacity coffee grinder? If so, this Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder is an excellent choice.

It can grind a maximum of three ounces of 75 grams of coffee beans at a time, enough for brewing about 14 cups of coffee.

  • Quiet Operation

Aside from being compact, this coffee grinder operates quietly.

Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up while preparing your morning cup.

It measures 3.7 by 3.7 by 6.4 inches and only weighs 1.5 pounds, so it won’t be an issue for a cramped kitchen.

  • Multi-Purpose

Like the previous product, the Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder is designed not just for processing coffee but also for other dried foods, salt, and pepper.

It’s easy to clean and store away and also comes with a cleaning brush.

What We Like

The versatility of this grinding machine is more than impressive.

Despite the low price tag, it makes for a handy-dandy tool anyone will want in their kitchen.

If you love cooking and drinking coffee, you will appreciate this machine even more.

What We Don’t Like

Because it’s a blade grinder, it might be tricky to achieve the exact coarseness you’re after when using this machine.

Also, it often leads to an inconsistent grind quality since this machine uses blades instead of burrs.


  • Ideal for those on a budget
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Relatively quiet


  • Tricky to achieve preferred grind size
  • Inconsistent grind quality

5. Victoria Manual Grain Grinder

If you’d rather ground coffee beans manually, perhaps you’d find the Victoria Manual Grain Grinder handy.

It’s a multi-purpose tool made of sturdy cast iron, so you can expect it to last for many years.

Product Highlights

The Victoria Manual Grain Grinder is perfect for manually grinding coffee, nuts, corn, seeds, and other dry foods.

Here’s why it could be what your coffee corner is missing:

  • Heavy-Duty Build

This manual grain grinder is made of cast iron with double-tin plating to prevent corrosion and staining.

The high-performance grinding discs boast an anti-erosion white iron build that is suitable for all types of grain.

Thus, you can use it to grind not just coffee but also seeds, nuts, spices, dried beans, cheese, vegetables, and more.

  • Secure and Stable

The Victoria Manual Grain Grinder comes with a cast-iron clamp that is easily adjustable.

You can clamp and secure this tool to most tables and boards with a thickness of 1/2 to two inches.

It also has a protective non-slip rubber, which keeps the grinder stable while you crush your beans.

  • Grind Adjustability

The grinding mechanism of this device is fully adjustable.

Whether you’re looking for a coarse grind or a fine powder, you can rely on it to deliver your preferred results.

What We Like

This product is both for coffee enthusiasts and home cooks. It’s incredibly durable, so you can use it for a long time.

What We Don’t Like

The Victoria Manual Grain Grinder is quite big and heavy because of its cast iron construction.

It’s also not ideal for small batch grinding.

Another drawback is that it’s pretty challenging to clean. You will have to unscrew the parts before washing and cleaning them.

To protect against corrosion, you’ll also have to apply a thin layer of oil to every piece, particularly those that come into contact with food.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • High-performance discs
  • Secure and stable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Does not rely on electricity


  • Difficult to wash and maintain
  • Not portable
  • Not for modern kitchens

Buyer’s Guide

Coffee grinders are a must-have if you love experimenting with your brews.

You need it to make espresso, French press coffee, or any other brew you’re currently into right now.

When shopping for coffee grinders, here are several things you have to consider:

1. Manual vs. Electric

First and foremost, decide whether you want an electric or a manual grinder.

Using manual grinders takes more time and effort, but since they don’t overheat, they help keep the flavor of your coffee intact.

They are also a good choice if you’re looking for something you can use outdoors, such as when camping, for example.

Meanwhile, electric grinders process beans at a much faster rate. They often come with extra features that you may find very helpful.

Both manual and electric coffee grinders perform well in terms of consistency and grind quality.

2. Electric Coffee Grinder Type

For electric coffee grinders, you can choose between blade and burr grinders.

Most coffee lovers prefer burr grinders because they help you get the best possible flavor out of your coffee.

That’s because they produce ground coffee that’s uniform in size and shape.

Coffee connoisseurs agree that the grind consistency makes a massive difference in the flavor of your coffee.

That said, if you prefer finely ground beans, a blade grinder can work just fine.

You may just need to run the grinder several times to achieve a fine consistency.

It’s also a good option if you’re looking for a multi-purpose grinder that you can use to process spices and seeds as well.

3. Capacity

The volume of coffee beans you need to grind is also a determining factor when choosing a grinder.

Some have small capacities, just enough for one to three cups of coffee. Others can grind enough beans for 18 cups or more.

If you have a big household of coffee lovers or don’t want to be grinding beans every time you brew, you can opt for a bigger-capacity grinder.

Just make sure to store your leftover ground coffee in an airtight container to retain its freshness and overall quality.

4. Price

Another factor to consider is your budget, as setting a budget can help narrow down your choices.

Then again, you want first to determine your needs to ensure you’re looking at the correct types of coffee grinders.

Generally speaking, the cost of a coffee grinder is affected by its type, quality, and performance.

Blade grinders are far cheaper than burr grinders, and basic models significantly cost less.

If you’re the only one using the grinder or want a portable unit, a smaller, more basic model is what you need.

5. Grind Settings

If you drink different coffee types, you’ll want a machine that features adjustable grind settings.

Remember that different brewing methods will require different grind sizes.

For example, cold brew coffee needs an extra-coarse grind, while stovetop espresso requires a fine grind.

Entry-level machines feature two grind types, particularly coarse and fine.

In contrast, higher-end models feature more grind sizes, from coarse and medium-coarse to medium-fine, fine, and very fine.

5. Size

Most people prioritize aesthetics over more important features like size and portability.

However, considering how much available counter space you have for your coffee grinder is really important.

If you have a tiny kitchen, you want to do away from bulky grinders. Instead, consider something light that you can store in a cupboard when not in use.

So, if you’re ordering online, always check the height and width.

Of course, this isn’t to say, though, that aesthetics isn’t important.

After all, if you’d be displaying it on your kitchen counter, you’d want one that will blend in with the overall feel and style of your kitchen.

6. Durability

If you’re spending less than 20 bucks for a coffee grinder, how long it lasts will not be a major issue.

However, if you’re shelling out over a hundred dollars, you’ll definitely want something that you can rely on for years.

When shopping for a coffee grinder, inspect the unit to ensure that each component is made of high-quality materials.

You should also check if the machine comes with a warranty.

7. Ease of Use and Cleaning

Choose a coffee grinder that is easy to use.

If it has adjustable grind settings, there should be marking or indicators for each level.

It would also be preferable to get a machine that’s easy to clean, as it is crucial to enhance its lifespan.

Look for a grinder with detachable parts for ease of washing.

Coffee Grinder FAQs

1. How much coffee beans should I grind per cup?

For most home brewing, you need about two tablespoons or 10.6 grams of ground coffee for every cup of water.

It’s best to grind coffee beans right before brewing to ensure the freshest, most consistent flavor.

2. Which is better flat or conical burr grinder?

It depends. Generally speaking, flat burrs produce more consistent grinds, but they are more expensive, noisier, and heat up quicker.

Meanwhile, conical burrs are less consistent but are quieter, cooler, and less expensive than flat burrs.

When deciding between these two types, you need to work out which aspects are the most important to you.

3. Are expensive coffee grinders worth it?

Yes, they are, especially if you’re after consistency and grind quality.

The same is true if you value the flavor of freshly ground beans, and you plan to use the machine often.

Most higher-end models feature multiple grind settings, allowing you to make different styles of coffee.

However, if you don’t brew much often or only prefer one brewing method, you can stick to a basic model.

It will be a lot cheaper than higher-end coffee grinders, but you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. Are burr grinders really better than blades?

Burr grinders are far superior to blade grinders because they produce a more consistent grind size and quality.

They make coffee grounds uniform in particle size, which is very important in extracting the flavor and freshness from the beans.

5. How do you grind coffee evenly?

The best way to grind coffee beans is with a burr grinder.

As you’ve probably already realized, the best burr grinders have multiple grind settings for varying brewing methods.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, you can use a food processor or a blender, but they won’t guarantee uniformity and consistency.

Which Coffee Grinder Tops the List?

At this point, you are more than capable of choosing the best coffee grinder for your home brewing needs.

Personally, we think the Cuisinart DBM-8 is the best pick because it is affordable, durable, and stylish.

Plus, it’s capable of grinding a large batch of beans.

If you have the budget, we also recommend Baratza Encore, which comes with 40 grind settings to allow you to make different types of coffee drinks.

What’s more, it’s very durable, so you can enjoy it for many years.

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