Best Blender to Puree Food in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons


best blender to puree food
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Having a blender in your kitchen can make light work of any number of time-consuming kitchen tasks.

We’ve chosen five fantastic blenders to feature here and highlighted their strengths and weaknesses to find the very best blender to puree food.

The reason we’ve chosen to feature five blenders is to give you choices, as there isn’t one blender that will be right for everyone.

Each one differs slightly in terms of functionality, capacity, price, and power, but hopefully, we’ve got something for everyone.

We recommend that you read our buyer’s guide below before making your purchase to ensure that you’ve thought about what features are the most important to you.

Comparison Chart

Oster BLSTMB-BBG-000 Blender

Vitamix Explorian Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Ninja Foodi Blender

Homgeek Professional Blender

Best Blender to Puree Food

1. Oster Pro 1200 Plus Blender

The Oster brand promises performance, versatility, and durability on a wide range of kitchen appliances but is best known for its blenders.

The Pro 1200 Plus is packed with features and comes complete with a warranty all at an extraordinarily good price.

Product Highlights

This blender from Oster, although part of their professional range, is available at a great price that is affordable for most household budgets.

It offers a high 1200 watts of power for blending foods and drinks, and 900 watts for crushing ice.

You can choose between seven blending speeds, and it also has three pre-programmed settings for making the most popular blender creations even easier.

Smart Settings technology allows you to create salsas, milkshakes, and smoothies at the touch of a button.

It also has a pulse button that offers fantastic control for blending and pureeing to perfection.

The patented dual-direction blades offer extra blending power and enable you to chop and grind with precision.

The blades are 3.5 inches, which are extra-wide against many blenders, allowing your ingredients to flow down into the blades more easily.

This blender has a six-cup capacity, and you also get a 24-ounce smoothie cup with your purchase.

The smoothie blend-and-go cup is a really great accessory to have, too.

It allows you to blend into the cup directly, seal it, and go on with your day without any washing up.

The blending vessel is a Boroclass glass jar, which means you can see all of your ingredients blending together.

This solid glass is also very durable and doesn’t get scratched up like plastic does, but it is more prone to smashing into pieces if you drop it, so you need to be careful.

Once you’ve finished with the jar, you can throw it into the dishwasher for easier cleaning.

This product also comes complete with a massive 10-year DURALAST all-metal drive limited warranty, which will guarantee you lasting durability.

The Good

The dual-direction blades are a really great feature on this blender.

This design helps get your ingredients moving around and blending more quickly.

We also love the free blend-and-go smoothie cup.

Lastly, the price of this appliance is so affordable, too.

The Bad

Some users have found that this blender can be a bit of a pain to dismantle for cleaning purposes.

On top of that, the brand’s customer service team doesn’t appear to be as helpful or responsive as you would hope for such a well-known brand.


  • Decent amount of speed settings
  • Pre-programmed settings are very easy to use
  • Free blend-and-go smoothie cup
  • Large, dual-direction blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Budget-friendly
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Customer service is sometimes lacking
  • The glass jar is vulnerable to breakages
  • Dismantling the appliance for cleaning is time-consuming

2. Vitamix Explorian Professional-Grade Blender

Vitamix is responsible for airing the first-ever infomercial back in 1949 and has been leading the way in blending innovation since.

Vitamix provides premium quality blenders that offer more functionality than any other brands on the market, and its Explorian model is no exception.

Product Highlights

This Vitamix blender is the most expensive model on this list, but when you take a closer look at it, it’s easy to see where the extra money is going.

For starters, this machine has an incredible 2.2 HP motor, which is around 1600 watts, making it the most powerful blender here.

The variable speed control function offers an impressive 10 different speed settings, allowing you to blend and refine with precision.

It also has a pulse feature, which allows you great control over chopping and dicing, helping you to create hearty, chunky soups.

The Explorian has a generous eight-cup capacity, which is perfect for big family meals, batch cooking, and entertaining.

It’s low-profile design also means that it’s more likely to fit comfortably under kitchen cabinets on your work surfaces.

The hardened stainless steel blades are aircraft-grade, making them fantastic for handling even the toughest of ingredients.

These blades will certainly stand up to the test of time.

As other blenders’ blades dull over the years, Vitamix’s blades will provide you with the same quality from the first blend to the last.

We love the self-cleaning feature of this blender, and we’re sure you will, too.

Just add a touch of dish soap and some warm water, and your Vitamix appliance will clean itself in as little as 30 seconds.

The container and lid are also dishwasher-safe, in case that’s your preferred cleaning method.

Manufactured from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, the container and lid are also shatter and impact-resistant, making them very durable.

You also receive a free cookbook to offer inspiration on ways to use your Vitamix and a three-year full warranty for peace of mind.

The Good

We love Vitamix blenders as they’re built to last and offer incredible power, versatility, and blending precision.

Their full warranty also covers almost any problems you may experience with their blender in the first three years of purchase.

The Bad

Sadly, the price of this blender is much higher than the others, which will put a lot of people off.


  • Most powerful motor
  • Has a large number of speed settings
  • Self-cleaning
  • Built to last
  • Fits nicely under kitchen cabinets
  • Large capacity
  • Free cookbook


  • Most expensive on our list
  • Chunky control dials make it look quite outdated

3. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach is the leading distributors of small kitchen appliances in the U.S., promising great thinking combined with great value.

This budget-friendly blender offers a good mix of features and value, as well as great customer service.

Product Highlights

Our third contender is the Power Elite model from Hamilton Beach.

This blender has 700 watts of power for your pureeing needs, with powerful ice crushing abilities to boot.

What we found surprising in a model in this price range is that it has a massive 12 blending functions for all your chopping, blending, pureeing, and smoothie needs.

With only five buttons on the front of the base unit, it’s really easy to operate as each button offers access to three blending functions.

The wave-action blades do a fantastic job of pulling all of your ingredients in a downward motion towards the blades.

The machine is easy to clean, too, because the jar, blades, and the lid are all dishwasher-safe.

Unfortunately, the capacity of this blender is one of the smallest at just five cups.

Hence, it may not be ideal if you have a large family or often host dinner parties.

The lid of the jar has a patented, nifty, no-mess pouring spout, which means that you get a clean, easy pour every time.

You receive a three-year limited warranty with this product, so if you encounter faults with the motor, you can get it fixed or receive a replacement for free.

Finally, Hamilton Beach also provides a toll-free phone number to call their US-based customer service team anytime they need help.

The Good

We love the budget-friendly price of this blender.

Hamilton Beach also has a customer service team that is also really above par.

The Bad

It’s a shame that this product only comes with a limited warranty, unlike the Vitamix, for example, which has a full warranty.


  • Very budget-friendly
  • Has the highest number of speed settings
  • Easy to use
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Warranty is limited
  • More chance of suffering from burnout if overused

4. Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Cook Blender

Ninja provides highly functional, innovative products to the housewares market, including state-of-the-art blenders.

This particular model is jam-packed with desirable features, such as the option to heat, infuse, and cook your ingredients, alongside great blending and pureeing abilities.

Product Highlights

With a powerful 1400 watt motor and high-speed stainless steel blade for crushing ice, this blender from Ninja makes light work of all your kitchen blending tasks.

With this, you can do everything from smoothies and frozen drinks to purees, soups, and salsas.

What makes it particularly interesting is that it also has an 800-watt heating element.

As such, not only can it blend your soup for you, but it can also cook it!

The heating element can heat and cook all of your protein and veggies, which you can then blend to a smooth consistency afterward.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy your puree minus the washing up!

You can melt and blend chocolate for your chocolate fountain or fondue, or gently infuse your own teas and cocktails.

The machine has seven manual speed settings and 12 intelligent IQ settings.

So, at the touch of a button, your Ninja will pulse, blend, and heat your ingredients to perfection.

The jar has a large capacity of eight cups and is made from non-stick materials so that it’s even easier to clean.

It also comes with a free tamper so that you can push your ingredients down towards the blade.

To help with your task, too, this model has been designed with a self-cleaning setting.

The Good

We love the fact that you can make soup in this appliance without the need for any other pots and pans. The Ninja will chop, cook, and then blend it for you!

The Bad

This blender is a bit louder than some of the others. It’s also quite heavy and bulky, so some people may find it difficult to handle.


  • Cooks as well as blends
  • Intelligent and easy-to-use settings
  • Large capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • Self-cleaning


  • Noisier than other models
  • Heavy and bulky

5. Homgeek Professional Countertop Blender

Homgeek offers a fantastic range of kitchen appliances to help improve your cooking experience and, therefore, your enjoyment of cooking.

This professional countertop model is a powerful machine that is built to last.

Product Highlights

With a 1450-watt motor, this blender from Homgeek is the second most powerful blender on our list, second only to the Vitamix machine.

It has eight speed settings and four preset programs that offer you a shortcut to the most popular blending tasks. It has a large capacity of just over eight cups.

This allows you to make large batches of frozen desserts, crushed ice, creamy soups, hummus, and nut butter in just minutes.

This machine is robust and built to last with hardened, heavy-duty, three-layer stainless steel blades to handle the toughest ingredients.

The top metal drive system also allows the blender to enjoy a much longer lifespan than other blenders, making this a really dependable machine.

It’s not one of the most stylish blenders we’ve seen, and the red base may put some people off.

It’s really handy that you can add hot ingredients to this blender, allowing you to puree food for your baby or blend soup without having to cool it down first.

It has a handy timer, self-cleaning function, and a free recipe book with each purchase to help inspire you in the kitchen.

You also get a free tamper and shovel to help you load and manipulate ingredients better.

All materials that may come in contact with food ingredients are BPA-free and LFGB-approved.

The Good

We like this blender because it is well-built, so it should offer good durability.

It also provides professional blending functions and a powerful motor for a really affordable price.

The Bad

Unfortunately, we just don’t like the way this blender looks.

Unless you have a red-themed kitchen, we’re not sure you will be too impressed by the way this blender looks either.


  • High power motor
  • Large capacity
  • Built to last
  • Free recipe book
  • Self-cleaning


  • Color may not suit everyone’s taste
  • Looks outdated

Buyer's Guide

In an international marketplace with so much product choice, it’s often difficult to make quick buying decisions.

To find the right blender to puree food for you, you need to understand where and how blenders can vary.

In this way, you can decide which features are going to be most useful to you.

We’ve highlighted six factors below that you might want to give some consideration to.

1. Capacity

The capacity of the blender is one thing to take into consideration.

If you’re blending large portions of food, a blender with a small capacity may work out to be too time-consuming for you.

You’ll have to blend your food batch by batch, which could be annoying.

If you like to batch cook or have a large family, we’d recommended a blender with a larger capacity.

If, on the other hand, you just want to use the blender for pureeing baby food, or for the odd sauce or dip, then a smaller capacity blender will suit your needs.

It’ll also take up less room on your counter, in your cupboards, and in the dishwasher.

2. Functions

Different blenders will also offer different functions for use, so you’ll need to give some thought about what you want to use it for.

Most standard blenders will allow you to blend, puree, and stir, and are perfectly adequate for most basic needs, such as creamy soups and baby food.

If you want to be able to make smoothies and frozen drinks, then you should invest in a blender that offers this in its functions.

They will generally run on 500W power or higher and potentially feature an ice crushing blade.

For chopping and grinding functions, you should look for a model that also comes complete with a chopping blade and settings to match.

3. Power

Most countertop blenders have around 500 watts of power, which is perfectly sufficient for the majority of blending tasks, from soups and sauces to purees and smoothies.

Some items, however, such as fibrous greens and seeds, may take a higher powered motor to puree them completely smooth.

If you are a fan of completely smooth smoothies, then it would be wise to opt for a slightly higher-powered blender.

Generally speaking, higher-powered blenders are more efficient and less prone to burnout than lower-powered models, hence the higher price.

4. Style

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we realize that looks aren’t everything.

You may want to give some consideration to the style of your other kitchen appliances so that your blender looks just as nice on your countertop.

If everything else in your kitchen is stainless steel, then a white and clear plastic blender is going to look quite out of place.

If you’re planning on keeping your new blender in a cupboard when not in use, then the style is less important.

If, however, you want to have it out on your counter for easy access, then matching its style to the rest of your kitchen decor is more important.

5. Warranty

Getting a warranty with any electrical appliance is a real bonus.

Sometimes even the best appliances manufactured by the most reputable brands can be faulty or breakdown at a moment’s notice.

A warranty will give you peace of mind, ensuring that if something does go wrong, you won’t end up out of pocket.

If you’ve managed to narrow down your choice of blenders to two or three options, remember that spending a bit more money now for a warranty may save you cash in the long run.

6. Price

For most people, the price of something is always a consideration before making a purchase.

Blenders tend to be priced higher the higher power and more functions they have.

If, however, they can save you having to purchase one or two other appliances in the kitchen, it could save you money.

When considering the price, remember to also take into consideration reviews of the blender’s performance, whether it has a warranty, and the functions that you need.

Blender for Puree Food FAQs

1. Can you use a blender to puree food?

Yes, you can use a blender to puree all sorts of food!

Whether you’re interested in creating your own creamy, smooth soups, baby food, or hummus, having a blender in your kitchen is a must.

2. What speed is puree on a blender?

There are many different types and makes of blenders on the market, and they vary massively in terms of power output.

This means that the puree setting may be different from one blender to another.

Generally speaking, you would normally puree food on a medium setting.

However, it’s best to start on the lowest setting and work your way up the speed settings until you achieve the consistency you desire.

3. Can I make baby food in a regular blender?

Yes, a regular blender is fine for pureeing baby food.

Start on a low setting and work your way up to medium to achieve a smooth puree.

If you find the food is still too lumpy, then try a slightly higher setting until you achieve a puree.

4. What is the difference between blend and puree?

Technically, when you blend something, you mix it together.

In contrast, when you puree something, you grind and crush it into a smooth paste or thick liquid.

5. Can you puree meat in a blender?

Yes, you can puree meat in a blender, although it may not come out quite as smooth and silky as it potentially would in a food processor.

For best results, make sure that the meat is perfectly cooked with the help of a meat thermometer.

If it’s overcooked and dry, then it won’t blend into such a smooth puree.

It’s recommended that you puree the meat when it’s cold and add some liquid for a better texture and consistency before heating.

Final Verdict

After much consideration, we decided that the Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Cook Blender is the best blender to puree food.

Not only will this blender puree your food, but it'll also heat it up so that you can pour the puree from your blender straight into a cup or bowl ready for eating.

You can cook a large variety of healthy and tasty recipes, potentially rendering your other cooking appliances a little underused.

We love this blender's large capacity, powerful motor, and intelligent blending and pureeing settings.

The price tag is also a lot lower than what we would have expected for such a machine.

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