Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?

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Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe?
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Blender Bottles are a popular item present in lots of kitchens nowadays, and which many people enjoy to use. They are mainly used to shake up great protein shakes but can also be used to make a range of different beverages from smoothies to iced coffees or even sports drinks.

The main question many people usually have is how exactly do you clean them? And are blender bottles dishwasher safe?

In this article we therefore explore the best ways to look after your blender bottle, giving you some simple and easy tips to follow, in order to make sure you get the cleanest bottle you possibly can and so that it will last a good while yet!

How to Clean Bottle Blenders Correctly

Generally, blender bottles are quite easy to clean and, if washed before and after every use, they can keep well for a good amount of time. It is always recommended not to leave any leftover protein shakes in your bottle as this can quickly deteriorate the bottle by leaving an unpleasant smell, which is also even more unpleasant to clean.

Most of the blender bottle is capable of being washed in a dishwasher, apart from the blender itself of course. It is however recommended to be placed in the top rack. Why? This is because the bottle is delicate and not designed to be cleaned with any water that is too warm, and on the top rack it is safe from the majority of warm water below. The bottle’s insulated Radian is the only part that requires washing by hand.

Alternatively, if you do not trust the dishwasher altogether, then the blender bottles can also be washed by hand with warm water.

How to Remove Bottle Odors?

One of the worst things that happens with many blender bottles, is that after continued use, they often start to smell. This is down to all the different ingredients which are used in the bottle and over time some of the stronger scents, such as that of garlic or onions for example, tend to remain in the bottle for a while.

However, you don’t need to worry as there is a solution for you. By filling the bottle with baking soda and a little vinegar, you can let it sit overnight and this will help to remove those stronger smells.

Another tip to remove strong smells is to sprinkle a small piece of paper with water, or even place a few drops of vanilla extract on and sit them inside the bottle. Letting it stay like this for around 24 hours should give enough time for it to do the trick and remove the smell altogether.

A final tip that can also be used is to place damp coffee grounds inside the jar. Sealing and allowing this to sit overnight will also remove most of the pesky odors that are stuck in your bottle!

How to Disinfect your bottle blender?

If you want your blender to remain odor free for an extended amount of time, then disinfecting it would be the next best thing to do. One of the things many people tend to avoid is disinfecting the blender. This is because they believe it is a messy job and they hate having to take it all apart and scrub inside. Usually many parts of ingredients tend to stick in the blender and this is what puts people off.

There is a method, however, which can be done fairly quickly to disinfect and that simply includes a bit of lukewarm water, soap, and a couple of minutes. A drop of vinegar and lemon is also recommended for a squeakier clean but not an absolute necessity.

1 – Fill your blender about halfway with lukewarm water from a tap

2 – Add a spot of dish soap, one which isn’t too harsh

3 – Turn the blender on and allow it to run for around 15 seconds

5 – Pour out the remaining water and let it rinse through

And there you will have a fresh, clean blender ready to be used again with no annoying pieces jammed in the blades.


If you own a blender bottle you should be aware that they are not intended to be washed with hot or warm liquids. They should also not ever contain warm or hot drinks such as coffees as the shakers weren’t designed to hold them. This means that if hot or warm liquids are placed inside, the flip cap may open randomly due to pressure and spray out the contents which could possibly cause damage to the person holding it.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that when mixing your ingredients in the blender bottle, you should always exercise caution as this can create a certain amount of pressure inside. This can include mixing ingredients such as pancake, cake, or waffle batter. The best thing to do when mixing such ingredients is to hold one finger over the flip top cap and keep it tight when shaking.

In a similar way, the blender bottles are not designed to hold any sort of carbonated beverages. This includes fizzy pop drinks such as Cola or Fanta.

Final Verdict

If you own a blender bottle yourself and want to keep it as clean as possible, it is clear that this can be done with ease if you remember to wash it before and after each use and never leaving anything in the bottle to rot!

You can choose to wash your blender bottles in your dishwasher as long as they are on the top rack and not on a strong wash. This way you will make sure not to ruin your bottle by using too harsh or warm a wash, and hopefully it will last you a lot longer.

We hope that our guide has been helpful to you and hopefully you can learn how to better look after and clean your bottle blender in the future.

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