Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe: What You Need to Know

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are blender bottles dishwasher safe
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Blender bottles have become wildly popular in the last several years, especially since people are becoming more health-conscious. They can be found in nearly every kitchen, and many people take great pleasure in using them.

They are primarily used to make protein shakes, but they actually have several other practical uses as well. They can be used to create various beverages ranging from iced coffee to sports drinks and different flavored smoothies.

With so many applications, many people who use blender bottles want to confirm how to clean them properly. They also often wonder and ask the question "Are blender bottles dishwasher safe?" to help them save time in cleaning the bottle.

To help out, we’ll talk about the best ways to look after your personal blender bottles, including some tips that are quite simple to follow to make sure that you keep your blender bottle as clean as possible.

Personal Blender Bottle: What Is It and How to Use It

A blender bottle is a plastic shaker cup that has a spiral ball inside. That ball is made from steel and used to mix the contents of the bottle.

With a blender bottle, you can make various drinks and other liquid concoctions, such as shakes, dressings, and even sauces. They allow you to create a blended drink on the go and without electricity.

You can find plenty of innovative and unique uses for blender bottles, as well. That said, we are going to focus on the most straightforward ones. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. It is best to wash your bottle first always since this can help keep the bottle clean and also eliminate any odors and microorganisms from building up.
  2. Then, take the lid off of the bottle and set it aside. Most tops screw off and on the bottle. Once done, put the mixing ball inside the bottle.
  3. Put in your ingredients. You can use the measurements that are usually right on the side of the bottle as a guide. Nonetheless, if you are still wondering how many ounces to put in your blender bottle, you can follow a guide that helps you pick the right size for you.
  4. Wipe clean the threads at the top of the bottle. You can do this with just a damp sponge or paper towel.
  5. Put the lid back on the bottle and make sure it is really closed. You should hear it snap into place.
  6. Shake the bottle well for about 15 to 20 seconds. While you are shaking the bottle, make sure you have a finger on the lid. This will prevent any potential leakage, especially if the top wasn’t securely shut.
  7.  After 20 seconds, take a look at the bottle’s contents to see if you need to continue. You want to keep an eye out for any pockets of undissolved ingredients.
  8. If you find any undissolved ingredients, just shake again. This time shake in individual ingredients 10 seconds each time. Check after every 10 seconds to see if your mixture has the consistency that you want.
  9.  Put the bottle on a flat surface and then open the lid carefully. Now, you can drink right from the bottle. If you’d prefer, you can pour the bottle’s contents into another container or cup.

Are Blender Bottles Dishwasher Safe: The Best Methods for Cleaning

In general, the average blender bottle is quite easy to get clean and maintain. You just need to wash it before and after you use it because if you do that, the blender bottle should last you for quite some time.

Additionally, if you use your blender bottle for mixing protein shakes, you really need to pay attention to cleaning. You never want to leave any leftover beverage or ingredient in the bottle. This will make for a really unpleasant smell and cleanup.

Often, the smell never dissipates, and you won’t want to use the bottle anymore. These bottles last a long time, so you might find you're throwing money away if you don’t ensure there is no beverage or ingredient left inside after each use.

The majority of blender bottles can be put in the dishwasher, but there are some things to keep in mind.


One consideration is you should put the blender bottle on the top shelf of your dishwasher only. The top shelf is safest for the blender bottle because the bottle itself is pretty delicate.

Sometimes, the recommendation is to put some pieces of the blender bottle right in the utensil tray of your dishwasher. If you are more comfortable, you can also do that on your own.

Also, double-check any information that came with your specific blender bottle. That can be found on the user's manual or manufacturer's website.

You must also keep in mind that the bottle isn’t intended to be washed with boiling or hot water just as you aren’t supposed to put hot liquids in it. Using the top rack, as opposed to the bottom, will protect the bottle from most of the warm or hot water coming from the bottom part of the dishwasher.

In general, it is only the insulated Radian that must be washed by hand. You can, of course, choose to wash your blender bottles the old-fashioned way as well.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Odors

We mentioned earlier that protein shakes, in particular, can leave behind a nasty odor in your blender bottle. However, it isn’t just protein shakes that have this capability. In fact, over time, many blender bottles can start to smell from everything blended in them.

You likely have a ton of ingredients in your bottle, and some of them might be known for having strong odors. Some of the more common culprits include onions and garlic. Those smells, along with some others, will stay in the bottle for quite some time if you don’t purposefully remove them.

You are in luck because we have some ways to help you remove those smells so you can continue to enjoy using your blender bottle. Some of which include:

  • Fill your bottle with a little bit of vinegar and baking soda. Allow it to sit overnight. This will almost always remove any unwanted smells. 
  • Get a small piece of paper and sprinkle water or vanilla extract on it. Put the wet paper inside the bottle and leave it for 24 hours. Usually, that is enough time for the smell to be removed permanently. 
  • Dampen some coffee grounds and put them inside your blender bottle. Seal the bottle and let it sit overnight. This is a great way to remove stubborn smells.

Any of the three options should help you get rid of unwanted odors in your blender bottle. Many people who consistently use blender bottles want to know are blender bottles dishwasher safe, and they usually want to know because they think a dishwasher will rid the bottle of smells. If you are hesitant to put your bottle in the dishwasher, you can try these options first.

are blender bottles dishwasher safe

Disinfecting Your Blender Bottle

So, we have found ways to remove those pesky odors from all of your shakes. If you really want your blender bottle to stay free of nasty smells, you need to learn to disinfect it.

Not many users disinfect their blender bottles, and this can be a real mistake. For many, disinfecting the bottle means a big project that includes taking the bottle apart and scrubbing the inside, resulting in a messy project.

Several parts of ingredients in the bottle will indeed stick to the blender part, and so many people don’t want to do the job. Nevertheless, this is all the more reason you should do it.

There is a pretty straightforward method for disinfecting your blender bottle. All you just need is some soap, a few minutes, and a little lukewarm water. If you want a squeaky clean bottle, you can add in some lemon and a tiny bit of vinegar. Then, just follow these steps:

  1.  Fill up your blender about halfway using lukewarm water. It can come directly from your tap.
  2.  Add in just a dab of dish soap. You want one that is pretty delicate.
  3.  Start the blender and let it run for approximately 15 seconds.
  4.  Empty the blender and rinse.

There you have it. That is it for disinfecting your blender. You can also add in the vinegar and lemon if you’d like. Either way, this little project will leave your blender clean and free from any ingredients stuck in the blades.

How to take Care of Your Blender Bottle: Some Precautions

There are a couple of things you absolutely should keep in mind if you own blender bottles or are thinking of investing in some.

Precaution #1: Only Use for Cool Drinks 

The first consideration is that blender bottles are not meant to be washed using warm or hot liquids.

In fact, they really shouldn’t even be used to hold hot or warm drinks. Blender bottles should not be used, for example, to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. They simply were not designed for that, and they aren’t good at holding them.

Most commonly, if you put warm or hot liquids inside, the bottle’s flip cap may open randomly from the pressure. If that happens, the bottle may actually spray its contents. Depending on how hot the liquid is, it can really cause harm to you or the people around you.

Precaution #2: Be Mindful of Internal Pressure

Remember that mixing ingredients in your blending bottle can mean that you are creating a good deal of pressure. Some mixtures are more likely to cause pressure than others. For example, cake, waffle, or pancake batter can build up too much pressure.

If you are mixing ingredients that are likely to cause pressure, you can use caution by putting one finger on top of the flip-top when you are shaking the bottle.

Precaution #3: Do Not Use with Carbonated Drinks

Similar to how blender bottles were not created for use with hot drinks, they were also not intended to be used with carbonated beverages. This includes soda.

Precaution #4: Never Freeze

You should never freeze your blender bottle. They are made from plastic, which means they are likely to break or crack when frozen.

If you want to freeze the contents of your blender bottle, you need to ensure that you leave plenty of room at the very top of the bottle. You also want to ensure that the cap is open since this will allow the contents to expand as needed.

Precaution #5: Do Not Microwave

While blender bottles might be okay for the dishwasher, they absolutely are not okay for the microwave. Most of these bottles have a seal that makes them leak-proof. This is great for everyday use, but it isn’t great for use with the microwave.

That seal means the bottle itself can allow pressure to build up inside the bottle when it is heated. This is similar to why the bottle cannot be used with hot liquids.

When the pressure builds up too much, the flip cap might open and spray the contents everywhere. Again, this is exactly what could potentially happen when you use the bottle to transport hot drinks.


If you really want to keep your blender bottles as clean as possible, you can accomplish this by just washing it before and after each use. You also want to make sure you never leave anything inside the bottle. This is especially true if you use the bottle to make protein shakes.

With that said, if you are still wondering are blender bottles dishwasher safe, they are. Just remember that you need only to place the bottle on the top rack. You also want to make sure that if your dishwasher has multiple options, you are not using a strong cycle.

Keeping those precautions in mind will mean that you don’t use anything too harsh on the bottle, helping you to make the blender bottle last longer. You can also always use regular dish soap and wash the bottle by hand.

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